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A Two-Step Process to Getting Started With Sponsoring

Sponsoring is an often-overlooked strategy when it comes to maximizing offline marketing, likely because most business owners don’t know where to start. I teach the students in my Impact Academy a two-step process that makes it simple. First, determine the who and the where. Who are you trying to reach? Where do they hang out? […]

I Was Sitting On The Airplane And The Guy Next To Me Said, “What Do You Do?”

Typically, when someone approaches me on an airplane, I put on my Bose headset and smile. However, on this particular flight when the gentleman next to me said, “Hi! What do you do?” I said, “Hi. My name is Peter Psi. Spelled P – S – I.” He said, “Nice to meet you. I am […]

Tricky Interview Questions: Are You a Risk Taker?

Perhaps the one interview question that reveals a candidate’s true nature more than any other is the frequent question: “Do you consider yourself a risk-taker?”  There is an adage: No risk; no reward.  That is true in many situations.  However, risky behavior is perilous and uncertain by definition.   So, what is the “right” answer to this job interview question?  


Aligning Coaching with Strategic Priorities

In theory, coaching can be a powerful way to shift behaviour, increase engagement, enhance thinking and generally make a difference to the way people do business and the way businesses can succeed. But it may not be working. Consider these …

Building on Strengths Key to Improving Organizational Health

In our culture development keynotes, workshops, and retreats we’ve been citing research from the largest study of organizational effectiveness ever undertaken. A few years ago McKinsey & Company published their extensive research in Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage (click here for my book summary and review). The research study identified nine […]

Marketing Versus Selling Versus Business Development

In public accounting, we often use “mixed” terms when describing marketing and selling activities and now the combination of marketing and sales activities is referred to as “business development.” The challenge is that these terms are used interchangeably; often causing confusion and disappointment because they are not defined properly. This causes firm leaders – and ...

Recognizing Across Cultural Borders

Does recognition still seem to your managers to be a peculiar or very American idea? Do you worry about finding the right words for recognizing employees around the world without faux pas? Are you recognizing in a way that makes sense to you, or in …

3 strategies for fearless delegation

By following this three-step strategy, you can delegate effectively and invest your time in growing your business — without burning out.


What You Forfeit by Taking Work for Granted

When I first joined iDoneThis, I hated our weekly meetings. They were demoralizing and amorphous. We rambled on, drowning in circuitous discussions about product that led nowhere. The meetings became a chore, making us feel like sulky high school students waiting for the bell to ring.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner noticed a similar bad meeting phenomenon of tending to “devolve into a round robin of complaints.” His unconventional solution was to change up the meeting format by promoting something you wouldn’t expect:  gratitude.

Gaining Through Gratitude



Avoiding the Downside of Sharing in the Workplace

It’s not easy to share responsibility. Successful examples of responsibility being shared within organizations certainly exist — from official job-sharing to collective accountability for corporate goals and outcomes. But getting a given job or project done well depends on having both appropriate structural underpinnings and the right combination of people, with the right meshing of […]