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Nike says, “Just Do It!” I Think It Is Better To Say, “I Did It!”

Yesterday I wrote about the six steps to being the best. I believe if you incorporate these six steps consistently, you will become a goal achieving machine! Remember, when you achieve a goal, whether it be a small, medium or large one, it is critically important to stop, reflect, give yourself an emotional hug, and […]

You Can be a Tough Leader and not be an S.O.B.

Have you ever heard this said about a manager:

"Well, he gets results, but leaves a trail of bodies in his wake"

The thing that drives me crazy is way too many organizations (and people) accept this as OK.

You know, you can get results and treat people with respect - the two are not mutually exclusive!

Here's another Great Leadership 2x2 model to sum up the relationship between results and respect as they apply to leadership:


Performance is Complicated

Generic Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers: The story of success, writes that accomplishment is all about practice, timing and the doors that are opened for you along the way. In fact, Gladwell firmly believes that inherent talent has little, if anything, to do with success. He provides a number of convincing examples and trends that support his premise: success is about being in the right place at the right time with access to the right people and tools; and that mastery of

Authentic What?

According to a blue ribbon group at Wharton, the secret of customer loyalty is in connecting on a deep level.  “If you have been authentic, consumers will love you and share your brand” — Vanessa Rosado, global director of digital capabilities, AB InBev Or you can be totally inauthentic, if you [...]

Need a Career or Job Change? The Keys to Change Are In Your Hands

“You are so right! I do own the keys to my career! Love it!”

One of my most pleasurable activities is following up with people who have read a blog post that caused them to send a note. This response was from a Chief HR Officer who is striving to be a new style senior level HR person.
The problem is her leadership team is stuck in the old ways of HR and can’t see the forest for the trees.
In our email exchange, I used the expression “you own the keys to your career; no company ever owns that.”
That is a statement that I have always believed in. When I hear of people discussing their situations, while valid, they should always remember who is in charge. That is something that no one can take away from you.

Is Your Culture Holistic, Monochronic or Collectivist?

How homogenous is your company? Chances are, not so very, anymore. In the global economy, more and more companies are doing business across national and cultural boundaries. It isn’t uncommon for a manager to have direct reports in other regions and countries—sometimes in more than …

3 Steps to Create a Global Company Culture

Recognize This! – A company’s culture defines how the work gets done. It should be the same in every location, every country, everywhere in the world. Building a strong, global culture seems an obvious step in ensuring company success. But it can be easy to become lazy about your culture, assuming it will continue along [...]

Appropriate friction

In a conversation, a colleague mentioned using social tools to minimize friction, and the thought struck me wrong. In thinking further, I realized that there were different notions of friction that needed to be teased out.  So here’s where my thinking went. I argue that what organizations need is creative friction.  I have previously suggested […]

My Two "Favorite" Business Buzzwords

Over three decades of management consulting, no two terms have continued to surface more, given me more business projects, occupied more of my time and yet seem utterly devoid of any actual meaning than these: leader (or leadership) and strategy. Upon hearing them from many individuals and reading about them again and again, I’m often reminded of McBeth: these words are “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” 

The buzzwords surface everywhere in business, sometimes in overwhelmingly disparate contexts. “This guy is a great leader,” “she really needs to learn to lead,” or “you need a leadership experience.” Another context can be even more career dangerous. “I’d like to promote him, but he isn’t strategic.” Or, in one of the most lucrative coaching jobs of my career: “She’s open to working with you, and she really needs to become more strategic.” Now retired, she was one of the most well-placed women in American business. In sum, these buzzwords are like love. Everyone knows they exist, but few can define them with precision. And sometimes, like failures in love, they ...


Boost morale by celebrating employees who volunteer

Allowing your employees time off to volunteer helps build communities and connections.

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Where Will You Be One Year From Today?

One year from today, where will you and your career be? Where will you, your health and significant others be? More importantly, do you have a plan of how you are going to get there? Do you have goals established and written down? 

If you want to develop the direction and drive to accomplish your goals here are a couple of ideas to get you in motion: