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Living the Brand: Infusing Employees With a Greater Purpose

This is from China Gorman, CEO, Great Place to Work
I love Southwest! ‪#‎SWA‬. The pilot of our flight to Orlando just approached them sitting next to me with two extreme special needs boys (4 and 6 years old) to ask if the boys wanted to board first and get their pictures taken in the cockpit before everyone else boards. The pilot was just walking through the boarding area, noticed the family and asked. Really. One of the many reasons I give Southwest my corporate and personal business.”
And this was one of the comments in response, from Gerry Crispin, Co-Founder CareerXroads
Empathy and care for your customers. That’s how companies excel. But I also think that guy is probably a great human being to start with, then add a great culture and workforce engagement and… boom.”
I saw the above exchange on Facebook the other day and my thoughts went immediately to the Southwest pilot. There was no advance notice; the pilot was simply doing what he perceived as something good to make the customer’s day.  There’s nothing in the rule book or policy manual that says you have to be nice outside of your normal job duties. This is a perfect example of an employee living the ...

Growing Your Career: Let Your Goals Be the Rudder That Guides You There

A headhunter called this week and their client is interested in me for a CEO role. Never really thought of myself at that level. I don’t know if I should call back. I want your thoughts. Current role VP, Operating Committee member, etc.

Need to discuss this opportunity. I have a job offer but it would require me moving to Charlotte. Current situation: working as HR Manager for six plus years, no movement and none in sight.

Received a resume which showed 4-5 roles with same job title: Recruiting Manager.
This past week was career advice week. This is how it started.

Facing tough career decision
Wow, I thought sarcastically, these are real tough decision. I sure would lose a lot of sleep over all of them.

Memo to all workers: You are in charge. You are the CEO of you, and no one else! You can’t be afraid to enter the darkness of uncertainty, whether it is geography or the next progression on the career ladder. You have to take control.

Yes, It’s Time to Finally Bid the HR Generalist Goodbye

I do not have time for LinkedIn or any of that, but I DO make time for my pedicures. Super serious HR lady at #gbrshrm.”

This was one that I saw posted last when someone was asking what HR could do that would create more employee engagement. The big answer: “company picnic.”
Robin Schooling’s posted the comment the other day concerning an HR person who told her that she does not have time for LinkedIn and other stuff, but she makes time for pedicures. Both these Facebook comments give insight into the mess that HR finds itself in today.
Trying to step out of this simplistic, gut feel solution to be taken seriously in today’s climate of constant change will require a lot more than this type of approach.

Building a Brand By Building a Culture of Positive Reinforcement

“All their training is based on positive reinforcement. We keep fish throughout the area and as part of our training routine, we reinforce and reward with a fish. This is how we train them to master a maneuver.“
This comment was from the trainer that trains the sea lions at Disney. I’m a big fan of certain channels such as Animal Planet,Discovery and my all time favorite, National Geographic.

Networking in the Internet Age: It’s Still About Building the Relationship

“Hello sir this is XXXX. I just completed my engineering degree. If you have any opportunities, please let me know.”
“I would like to have a job with your company, please help me.”
“Mr. Ron, please review my resume and give me a job.”
In the course of a week, I get numerous emails of this type. Sometimes it feels as if people think I can just create a job for them even though their skill set does not match up with my company. I also feel that they think I have the time to filter their resume and advise them.

100 Experts for Dubai HR Press Release: 9th annual Human Assets Expansion Summit Mena 2014

An interview with the Chief Human Resources Officer,RGTS Group Ronald Thomas

Feeling Like We’re Stealing: It’s How to Know When You’re Really Engaged

Every time I get paid, I feel as if  I’m stealing. I just can’t believe that I am getting paid to do this.
I was watching an interview last week, and when I heard that statement,  I immediately stopped what I was doing to listen more. Unfortunately, the interview was basically over, and not only that, I didn’t catch the person who said it.
But that sentence stood with me throughout the day.
Are you stealing?
With all the disillusioned workers out there [about two-thirds of the workforce], it was a good to hear someone talk about hitting the bullseye. He said he works sometimes on weekends and late into the night without worry, and I contrasted that with people complaining about having to stay past the allotted time and (God forbid) work on weekends.
An infographic published by Socialcast (left) illustrates that happy and engaged employees are more efficient and productive workers.
And sadly, Americans happy with their work environment has decreased in the past four years, going from over 51 percent down to 47 percent.Office-Bliss-FINAL
My theory is that organizational dysfunction is rooted in people not wanted to be there, wherever “there” is.
People come to work, and some of us shed ...

Doing the Right Thing Is Always the Right Thing

 Even though she didn't put in the $20, the crew at Keller Williams decided to kick in a bit of their winnings — they won’t say how much.

“As a team, we put together a fat pile of money,” Finkelstein Reader said. “If we do the right thing and always care about other people, the right thing will happen to us.”
Those were the remarks from a realtor at Keller Williams concerning their good fortune of winning 2nd place in the recent lottery – which just so happened to be a cool $1 million. By now we have all heard about the winner of the top prize, but 2nd place provided for me a more compelling story about human nature.
“Creating workplaces everyone wants to be part of”
A new hire had just joined the company as the team members were putting together a pool to purchase lottery tickets. She did not have the money to pay hr share since she had not gotten paid yet and just did not have any extra cash. She politely declined to join in the pool.
When she returned to work the day after the drawing, she saw the celebration going on in the office and was told that yes, they ...

Are You Committed Enough to Invest in Yourself?

“I don’t read this crap. When someone gives me an article to read, I just say yes I will. I don’t read anything anymore. When I leave work, the last thing on my mind is HR.”
This was from one of my HR peeps.
My thought was, “boy they have checked out.” Not only that, but they have checked out and don’t even know it.
Do you “invest in the night?”
My favorite TV channel is CNBC. When I get home at night, that’s what is on my office TV. But the other night I noticed something new on CNBC — their new marketing push with the tag line, “Invest in the night.”
I love that phrase because it says a lot about what we all do for a living no matter what your career is about. Are you investing in it, or, has it become a dormant asset?
My commute routine at the end of the day is the same as it has been for as long as I remember. I cull 10-15 articles from across the Internet that I want to read and digest on the way home, and it is always all HR/organizational development for me.
Yes, you must invest in yourself, so I “invest in the night.” That’s because once you embark on your chosen profession you must create a process of investing in yourself. That ...